Find professional-grade lockpick tools for military and first responders at Sparrows Lock Picks. Our military lock pick kits focus on specialized features such as molle vest compatibility, lightweight design, and covert storage options. Explore the EOD full set for fast raking, wafer lock picks, and Jim tools to tackle a variety of locks efficiently.

From the ranger and sentry sets with special cases to covert size picks for hidden deployment, our collection caters to the unique needs of military and emergency personnel. Choose Sparrows Lock Picks for reliable, high-quality tools designed to support your operational and training requirements.

Tuxedo setTuxedo set
From $32.00
Dark ShiftThe Dark Shift Lock Pick and Case Set
Creeper SetCreeper Set
Mini Jim
Mace PicksSparrows Mace Picks
Monstrum XXLMonstrum XXL
The VoraxSparrows The Vorax Set with Camo Case
Chaos CardChaos Card
Original Mace Pick Expansion Set
THE EOD -  FullTHE EOD -  Full
Handcuff ShimsHandcuff Shims
Double Door Tool Round Bar and Crash Bar


Sparrows Ripcord Garage Door Hook

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