Beyond just lock picks SPARROWS is known for its nylon cases that are specifically made for lock picks and bypass tools. All of our cases are designed in house and have a host of different features. We even make cases that have glow cards for low light situations. These are not off the shelf cases with our logo stamped on. If you are looking for a well built lock pick case to store your tools we have a wide variety of options to choose from
Sparrows Sherman Lock Pick CaseSparrows Sherman Lock Pick Case
Sparrows Black Comp CaseSparrows Black Comp Case
Sparrows Black Creeper CaseSparrows Black Creeper Case
Sparrows Black Tuxedo Case
Sparrows Mini, Hard Case
Sparrows Ranger Lock Pick CaseSparrows Ranger Lock Pick Case
Sparrows Sceptre and Cylinder LockSparrows Sceptre and Cylinder Lock
From $24.95
Sparrows Sphere and Cylinder LockSparrows Sphere and Cylinder Lock
From $29.00
Night School CaseNight School Case

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