When it comes to an Everyday carry set you need to find the correct balance between weight and performance. All SPARROWS Tools and Lock Pick sets within the EDC category have been developed to be easily incorporated into your carry system in a way that is not intrusive. From a Hall Pass in your wallet to the Ranger set on your tactical vest SPARROWS manufactures a wide range of tools to be on hand when emergencies arise.
Mace PicksSparrows Mace Picks
Hall PassSparrows The Hall Pass
Chaos CardChaos Card
Handcuff ShimsHandcuff Shims
Sparrows Flex Pass .012 Thick
Universal Covert Handcuff Key
Hold out keys
Lock Noob Sparrow Chaos Card: Wary Edition
Shimmy Card
Sparrows S.E.R.E Card WalletSparrows S.E.R.E Card Wallet

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