Like any of our sets these advanced sets are made from the same professional stainless steel and tumbled smooth so that they can be used right out of the box. Some sets include thermal dipped or skeletonized handles to aid in grip and comfort. You will also notice a wide variety of different carry options.
Sparrows Tuxedo Set, Black or CoyoteSparrows Tuxedo Set, Black or Coyote
From $32.00
SSDeV Hooks .015 Thick
Mace PicksSparrows Mace Picks
The Monstrum XXL Lock Pick Set and CaseThe Monstrum XXL Lock Pick Set and Case
Reflection Lock Pick Set
Sparrows The Vorax Set with Camo Case
Original Mace Pick Expansion Set
Sparrows EOD Lock Pick Set with CaseSparrows EOD Lock Pick Set with Case
Sparrows King and Queen Lock Picks
Sparrows SSDeV Hooks 0.025 Thick
From $11.95
Sparrows Spirit Set with Tuxedo Case
Sparrows Competitor Professional SetSparrows Competitor Professional Set
Sparrows Rook & Knight Picks
Sparrows Night Crawler with Case
The Sparrows Classic Entry Tools SetThe Sparrows Classic Entry Tools Set
Sparrows Monstrum Lock Pick Set and CaseSparrows Monstrum Lock Pick Set and Case

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