Sparrows Engineers


Wizwazzle is well known for his YouTube submissions and quality hand made lock picks. Wizwazzle almost exclusively uses his own designs when picking locks and we are lucky that he agreed to let us have full access to his work. His designs and ideas are geared at making the very best lock pick set without any useless filler picks. Sparrows is proud to have several lock pick sets designed by him.

Lock Noob

We are sure you already know that he is a classy honour student, former student president and ambidextrous tennis player with movie star like hair. But did you also know he can make jewelry quality pins free hand with a Dremel tool. If you wish to see some of his recent adventures in the sport of lock picking visit his channel LOCK NOOB. One of the few people out there who often has us saying “how does that guy still have all his fingers …. And why didn’t we think of that” – Thanks for sharing your concepts with us ….. Lock Noob

Dominic Villeneuve

A talented engineer and white hat hacker.