Did you know that the majority of handcuffs are all keyed alike? Well they are and with one key you can unlock the majority of North American handcuffs even from different manufacturers.

Perfect for LEO and Military

Handcuff keys come in several different forms depending on what your operational goal is. From a spare key to one that can be covertly hidden in your clothing. SPARROWS manufactures a wide variety of different handcuff key options for on duty police officers, military community members that may require these for their S.E.R.E kit and for those who travel to unsavory locations.

Handcuff ShimsHandcuff Shims
Covert Coin Handcuff KeyCovert Coin Handcuff Key
Sparrows Standard Uncuff Link with LogoSparrows Standard Uncuff Link with Logo
Universal Covert Handcuff Key
Sparrows St. Chaos Handcuff KeySparrows St. Chaos Handcuff Key

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