If you want to learn how to pick locks and build up a collection of locks progressive locks are the way to go. In simple terms a set of progressive locks lets you go from easy lock picking to hard. The locks that almost everyone wants to learn how to pick open are pin tumbler locks. The vast majority of door locks and padlocks are pin tumbler locks. Inside these locks are a row of pins and in most locks the average is 5 stacks of these pins. It’s these stacks of pins that you manipulate to open the lock. More stacks the harder it is. Our progressive locks ramp up the difficulty by increasing the number of stacks. First start with two pins and then move to 3,4,5.
Sparrows Revolver Lock and TinSparrows Revolver Lock and Tin
Four Progressive LocksFour Progressive Locks
Sparrows Clear Acrylic Practice LockSparrows Clear Acrylic Practice Lock
From $19.95
Practice lock: Core Trainer
Sparrows The Gridlock
From $22.00

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