Tension wrenches are often overlooked but they are a critical part of lock picking. Often when buying a set of lock picks people will focus on the picks but not the wrenches. Proper tension control and the amount of tension you apply to a lock is often more important than what you do with the pick. If you are heavy handed on tension it will not matter what you do with your pick… that lock is not opening.
Heavy Bars
Five Piece Flat Bar Knurled Set
The MantisThe Mantis
Comb BARComb BAR
The Goat Wrench
Level One Tension SetLevel One Tension Set
Sparrows Tension Wheel Black or BrassSparrows Tension Wheel Black or Brass
Heavy Heavy Bars
Kirigami Tension Wrenches
Curved Tension BarsCurved Tension Bars
Lebel Wrench
Tension SetTension Set

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