Lebel Wrench


A unique lock requires unique tools.

The Pengcheng lock is used for locking motorcycles and mopeds by attaching to its disc brake preventing the wheel from making a full rotation.

This extraordinary lock has a host of listed security features including "To against wind" and "To against Lift"

Why even try to pick it ....... wind AND lift. The struggle is real.

To assist the lock picking community in countering these elemental and physical security features Albert Lebel created the Lebel Wrench.

This special wrench allows you to get behind the non rotating face of the Pengcheng tubular lock and tension it in a way that replicates the action of a tubular key. This is the big difference most tubular locks have a rotating face so you can use  a regular tension wrench like the GOAT.

The Lebel wrench allows you to conquer wind, lift and non rotating tubular face locks.

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