Who We Are

In 2007, out of a small garage two young men started SPARROWS with a commitment to manufacturing modern quality lock picks. Through innovation and imagination this commitment expanded into a full line of covert entry, S.E.R.E and EDC tools designed to help solve the expected and unexpected problems you may face. From humble beginnings to collaborating with legendary lock pickers: Wizwazzle, Bosnian Bill, The lock picking lawyer, Lock Noob and many more, the commitment to working with quality people and quality materials has become the core of SPARROWS and the tool’s we make.

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Where to begin?

Choosing your first set of lock picks can be a little confusing when faced with such a wide variety of sets and tools. To assist you in your decision making, scroll through these categories. No matter what set you choose from the “starter lock pick set” category you will have a professional set of tools that can be used to pick open door locks and padlocks with just a bit of practice. To assist in that practice take a look at our collection of “practice locks” and visit our lock picking tutorial section. With our tools and resources you can be successfully picking locks within hours of receiving your first lock pick set.

How we operate


Shipping methods include USPS, FedEx and Canada Post.

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Refund Policy

At Sparrows, we are confident that we manufacture the very best and for that reason if you return…

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We accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay and all prices are in US DOLLARS.

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