Creeper Set


The Creeper

Meeting the operational requirements for low noise and low light visibility that FORCES RECON and other agencies require for intelligence gathering and VBSS.

To meet these requirements the Case set has two very unique features.
First the case has both a Velcro and a silent tab opening system.
The front flap can either be attached to the Velcro or it can be tucked under the loop Velcro.
A plastic stiffener in the tab holds it in place needing to be flexed to open.For low light conditions a removable Phosphorescent Sheet back lights the tools making for quick identification.

The card does not have a strong glow - this is to reduce any chance of a lingering afterimage of the card on your retina.

For best results your vision should have already adjusted to Night conditions.
The Sheet can be flipped over to a fully blacked out side.
A Velcro micro Logo patch is on the inside of the case to ensure the outside of the case is snag free and to eliminate any chance of a Velcro tear while in use.
If the patch is removed this is a fully sanitized set with no logos or information.

The selection of picks is for fast operation relying heavily on rakes but rounding out with a Short Hook and offset hybrid.
All picks come with thermal molded handles. Two Flat bars and 6 traditional tension wrenches are also included.


1 x Creeper Case
1 x Triple peak
1 x Worm rake
1 x Twin Peak
1 x Short Hook
1 x Offset Hybrid
1 x City Rake
5 x Knurled Bars
6 x Tension wrenches


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