Bump keys are fantastic. Since they became public knowledge through Barry Wels in 2005 they have become hugely popular for two reasons: 1. They work 2. They are easy to use. Vibration has always been a weak spot for lock security and many different tools exploit this weakness. The very best being bump keys. Other tools like electric picks or snap guns attack the lock through vibration, randomly waiting for the internal pins to bounce and eventually all line up at the sheer line allowing the lock to open. Bump keys put more precision into the attack. By having a key cut to the specific lock you wish to open, you are able to take the random out of the attack.
Bump Keys Part 4: The Return of Bump KeysBump Keys Part 4: The Return of Bump Keys
From $13.95
Sparrows Bump Hammer
Sparrows Bump KeysSparrows Bump Keys and Hammer
From $19.95
Bump Key Washers
19 Pieces Super Bump Key Set19 Pieces Super Bump Key Set
From $60.00
Sparrows Bump & Key Expansion SetSparrows Bump & Key Expansion Set
From $13.95
Sparrows Bump & Key Set Part IIISparrows Bump & Key Set Part III
From $15.50

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