Kirigami lock pick set


 The Kirigami is a collaboration set between Killermaru and SPARROWS

We are longtime supporters of Killermaru's work. His concepts and designs are original and bold while remaining highly functional. The Kirigami lock pick set is an exact replica of one from his workshop the "CRYPT" in Italy. It covers nine of his unique lock picks and also includes one of his wild spring flex tension wrenches.

  All of the picks have unique tips that Killermaru has personally designed and tested over the past 20 years. This lock pick set comes all wrapped up in a padded tool roll that is identical to what he manufactures himself.

The handles have an almost origami like quality. Kirigami is a form of Origami that permits the paper to be cut and folded similar to the cutting and welding methods used by Killermaru to achieve his briolette handles.

The handle shape covers both form and function, touch your thumb and index finder together and you will see a void forms similar in shape to a briolette handle.

These lock picks are polished smooth and treated with an Ion Split black finish.

This is a highly durably coating that will last. 

Below is Killermaru's reaction to this set. He Like's Emoji's. 


I got it today mate!!! 😁

I can't Express how AMAZING are those!!!
Seems a DREAM!!! 
Can i make a vid and explain and make a review of the gear or is still top secret 😁

To read more about killermaru and his workshop visit the Dark Shift Journal

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