Monstrum XXL



What do you get when you mix the Monstrum with the Wizwazzle = The Monsturm XXL


After over a year of development, several design updates and Sneak peeks “The MONSTRUM” is finally here. This set has everything we promised and covers all the rumors we started. Ten Exotic picks and four Flat bar wrenches all wrapped in a Limited edition KRYPTEK TYPHON Camouflage Case.

Specifically designed to feed your lock picking addiction all of these picks and wrenches are new. No Doubles, No Garbage. The MONSTRUM XXL set is a collection of truly exotic Monstrum lock picks and the addition of the classic Wizwazzle pick set.


The MONSTRUM consists of nine highly polished lock picks with thromo plastic handles each designed for unique single pin picking. One laser engrave extra-large Octo rake ….. when we first picked this one up we thought it was a scaling error (It’s Big). But testing proved its effectiveness. The Octo kracks locks. To make sure that you truly add to your lock pick collection we even made the tension wrenches flat bars with teeth for great tension holds and notches for “ Top of keyway” tension. To wrap it all up we worked with the Guys at Kryptek to use their Typhon Camouflage pattern on our standard Sherman case.


This is the backbone of the XXL it is 11 picks with handles and 18 different tension wrenches. The handles are made from a thermo plastic coating that is bonded to the picks resulting in a permanent smooth non sliding grip. It is also a full shank handle (the pick steel goes all the way through the handle not just part way same with the MONSTRUM) resulting in greater strength and feed back through the handle.With a full selection of hooks, rakes and diamonds you will be able to defeat almost any lock. With a large selection of tension wrenches you will be able to find the right tool to apply the proper tension. With a low profile from the handle to the tip of the pick you will be able to open North American, European, and Asian Locks. This is a complete professional lock pick set for both sport and work and has all the classic designs a lock picker need.

Please be-aware that the pattern of the case will vary 

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