Vehicle Lock Out Kit

Vehicle Lock Out Kit

The vast majority of vehicles on the road now have automatic push button locks.
With a long reach tool its as simple as a push of a button to get the door open.

The kit comes with an Airbag for spreading the top of the car door away from the frame.
A wedge then holds the gap open while you work the tool to press the unlock button.
Also included is a plastic sleeve to prevent any surface scratches while using the long reach.

Reach tool measures 58 inches long.
The is the most commonly used tool by tow operators & repo for keyless entry and lockout situations.

Kit comes with

1 x 58 inch long reach tool with soft rubber tip
1 x Inflating Air Wedge
1 x Hard Polymer Wedge
1 x Protective sleeve for preventing surface scratches
1 x Old school top of door knob lock puller

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