Thunderbird lock pick set:

Designed and manufactured by SPARROWS in partnership with one of America’s premier Violin workshops. The stand out handles are made from instrument grade American cherry that has been cut, sanded and stained in Colorado by experienced luthiers (string instrument maker people).

Precision cut 0.025 stainless steel shanks are each hand polished to a mirror smooth finish. The final fit is done with a combination of adhesives and aluminum pins to ensure the perfect level of responsive feedback. The Thunderbird is more than a lock pick set it’s the very best in form, function and American craftsmanship.

 Each lock pick in the set has been selected to offer an all round set that will strike the perfect balance between single pin picking and raking. These picks are crafted to be comfortable in the hand while offering complete control and feedback when being put to use. Don’t let the shine fool you these tools are meant to be used and they are monsters at popping locks open. The set also includes a selection of standard and flat bar tension wrenches all enclosed in a Pin striped Tin.

8 x picks

5 x flat bars

6 x standard wrenches

1 x pin striped case

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