SPARROWS Padlock ByPass Driver


SPARROWS Padlock ByPass Driver.
The SPARROWS padlock driver is designed to bypass the very popular older 700 and 1100 series American Padlocks. The American 700 and 1100 models are often copied and duplicated by other manufactures. This further increases the impact of the By-Pass Driver as it will also open these cloned designs. Recent updates to the 700 and 1100 series include a protective disk that can prevent the effectiveness of the driver. On older model 700 and 1100 American locks, locks with riveted keeps, duplicates and most models that have been serviced or rekeyed the Sparrows ByPass Driver is highly effective. The Driver slides through the keyway and with a turn the shackle opens, it’s just like using a key.

This is the second generation Padlock Driver and have been slightly modified to work more effectively in the 10 series American lock. The paddle has been shortened a bit and the round wire is just a hair thicker. The driver is a bit more snug in the key way and even stronger.

When using the Driver the paddle/golf head needs to be away from the top pins of the lock. Watch the Video
The SPARROWS ByPass Driver is made with all steel components that have been polished smooth featuring permanent thermo plastic handles. As with all of the SPARROWS line this is a professional grade tool.
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