This is a VERY big set by Killermaru. If your not familiar with this lock pick artist take a quick glace at this article. The Garibaldi is Loaded with hooks and rakes in a blackened steel and features a wild collection of his lattice lock picks and wrenches. This is a mix of art and function ..... exactly what Killermaru is known for. 

These picks offer ultra-sensitive feedback, thanks to smartly integrated springs. Plus, they help you nail that precise tension required for every unique lock challenge. If you're after something distinctive and downright sexy, something that'll make everyone else green with envy but out of reach for them—this is your set.

This Lock Pick set is being sold by REVERSE AUCTION ..... so everyday if this set has not sold we lower the price until it does. Their is only one set so when it does sell ... IT'S GONE!

 So, you might wanna hold off for a bit to snag a better deal, but remember, someone else might swoop in and swipe them if you wait too long. What would Garibaldi do?

NOTE: For the photos we are showing multiple photos of the same set. The blacked steel set is 27 picks and 7 Tension wrenches. The Lattice set is 3 picks and 3 tension wrenches. Watch the video to get a better idea of what this set is and how a reverse auction works

 If you happen to make picks yourself and wish to sell them in the SPARROWS Market Place email us. We only charge a small flat rate to host and ship.



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