Kick Start


Sparrows Kick Start

If you are interested in learning how to pick locks for the first time, but are unsure of whether this hobby is for you or not, then this nine piece set is for you.  With these four professional grade picks and some instruction you will be able to start opening pad locks and door locks with only a few hours of practice. 

The triple peak,short hook,offset hybrid and city rake are the back bone of any professional set.  The narrow profile from the handle to the tip of the picks makes them perfect for North American, European and Asian Locks. This set also includes six tension wrenches of various sizes. One of the most important skills you will learn is proper tension; it is the key to successful lock picking. With this lock picking set you will be able to lean how to pick a lock in a no time at all.  All of these tools are made of the same material as our full professional lines.

Once you have mastered this set of picks you can then move on to the Expansion Set. The Expansion Set includes an all new set of picks and wrenches so you will not have any doubles in your kit.

Kick Start Set includes:


Add a Cut Away Lock to your kit to help you progress even faster.

Our Cut Away Practice Locks are a great aid to help you increase the speed with which you learn or teach lock picking. Being able to see the pins move and hit the sheer line will give you a faster appreciation for the feedback that you feel with the picks. Our Standard Pin Cut Away Lock will pick in the same way as almost all pad locks and standard front door locks. Available in left or right handed configurations.

Technical Descriptions

The "Standard short hook" or lifter is the first "go-to" pick in the arsenal. This Pick is more versatile and is used more often than any other pick. It is designed to let the picker feel of the intricacies of the lock and manipulate pins individually. When the pick is used in a raking type technique it is also possible to work several pins at the same time. This pick is good for a wide range of keyway types, and pinning arrangements.

The "City Rake" is a standard rake that has proven to be indispensable over the years. This pick does a fantastic job of emulating the key bitting found among most common commercial and residential locks such as Kwikset, Weiser and Master.

The "Offset Hybrid" is a combination of a shallow hook, and a rounded half diamond. The wedge-like point and specially rounded bottom edge slides through the keyway. With the pick acting as a centered fulcrum you will find that this pick has extremely smooth and controlled lifts. This is critical for locks like ASSA.

The "Triple-Peak" is used on the withdrawal stroke and is one of the most effective rakes available. It differs from a traditional rake in the way it functions by using a "ramping" effect similar to bumping. Similar to the double peak with different spacing.

All lock picks are manufactured by Sparrows out of American Made 301 Cold Max steel with average tension strength of 280,000 PSI.

This set has changed over the time to improve its overall effectiveness.  As more information and new methods are developed it only makes sense to change the Kick Start, Expansion and Grad to fulfill their rolls as stepping stones in developing a great picking set.  To do this the Kick Start needs to have the 4 most practical picks, then the Expansion and Grad must build on top of that set.

Our beginner's guide can be found here: SPARROWS Beginner's Guide to Lock Picking

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