The Tuxedo RELOADED - Picks, tools and locks

The Tuxedo RELOADED features everything you need to learn how to pick locks open and even take them apart. The set includes the Tuxedo Lock pick set, The Reload rekeying kit, a standard cut away practice lock and a pair of tweezer.

The Tuxedo lock pick set is designed to be your EDC (or every day carry) set.  Although, the Tuxedo Set was designed for professionals who want a lock pick set with minimal bulk while being able to open a wide range of locks, this set is great for beginners that are looking to progress quickly.

The set includes 7 carefully selected picks that will open a wide variety of locks from standard front door locks to high security locks.  Each pick has a smooth finish to help with lock manipulation and feedback. This set also includes one special 0.015 thin pick for narrow or full keyway picking.  Also included are 6 tension wrenches of varying widths allowing for perfect control over the lock core. 

The Cut Away lock 

Our Cut Away Lock is a great aid to help you increase the speed with which you learn or teach lock picking.  Being able to see the pins move and hit the sheer line will give you a faster appreciation for the feedback that you feel with the picks.  Our Standard Pin Cut Away Lock will pick in the same way as almost all pad locks and standard front door locks.  Available in left or right handed configurations.

Tuxedo Set includes:



Go ahead take it apart. That's the idea. Once you have learned to pick that cut away lock open lets make it into something more challenging.
Since day one we have designed all of our brass locks with this kit in mind.
With the reload you can disassemble the cut away lock that comes with this kit and rebuild then into something new.
Spool Pins, Serrated pins and Even MUSHROOM pins are in the set.
Also included are 4 keys that come with 4 different and difficult picking scenarios.

Red - Low High Low Pinning
Green High Low High Pinning
Black - Make your lock a 6 pin lock - yes all our brass locks are already drilled for a 6 pin picking.
Blue - Big Raker - high to low

Why does this matter?
High low situations tend to be what give most pickers the biggest head aches.
What often happens in these situations is that while trying to set the high pin you over lift the low pin with your pick.
When you intended to only pick one pin you end up picking two - and one of them you put above the sheer line.

The Reload set consists of
One resin plug follower that lets you remove the tail cap and remove the lock core.
Two Mini Pinning mats to hold all the parts
Four Keys with the 21 bottom proper pins (properly separated and bagged)
Five tail cap pins and springs
Fifteen main pin Springs
Ten Spool Pins
Ten Serrated Pins
Ten Mushroom Pins
One Metal tin to hold it all together.


The Tuxedo kit comes with 99mm Tweezersto make working on that cut away lock easy

Technical Descriptions

- The "Best-Buster" is an altered profile similar to the traditional "snake rake". This rake is effective on many lock types, but is specifically designed for shallow, sweeping key bitting like those found in Best, Arrow, and Falcon locks.

- The "Triple-Peak" is used on the withdrawal stroke and is one of the most effective rakes available. It differs from a traditional rake in the way it functions by using a "ramping" effect like bumping.  It is similar to the double peak with different spacing.

- The "Small Half Diamond" acts like a wedge while manipulating pins in keyways that are arranged in a manner that prevents the use of a hook-type pick. The half diamond wedges itself under, and sometimes past the pins that are set too low to get a traditional hook under.

- The "Offset Hybrid" is a combination of a shallow hook, and a rounded half diamond. The wedge-like point and specially rounded bottom edge slides through the keyway. With the pick acting as a centered fulcrum you will find that this pick has extremely smooth and controlled lifts. This is critical for locks like ASSA.

- The "Standard Short Hook" or lifter is the first "go-to" pick in the arsenal.  This Pick is more versatile and is used more often than any other pick.  It is designed to let the user feel all of the intricacies of the lock and manipulate pins individually.  When the pick is used in a raking technique it is also possible to work several pins at the same time.  This pick is good for a wide range of keyway types, and pinning arrangements.

- The "City Rake" is a standard rake that has proven to be indispensable over the years.  This pick does a fantastic job of emulating the key bitting found among most common commercial and residential locks such as Kwikset, Weiser and Master.

All lock picks are manufactured by SPARROWS out of American Made 301 Cold Max Steel with average tension strength of 280,000 PSI.

This kit is also available as a full learning kit here: Night School Tuxedo Edition

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