Bullseye T-Shirt



We take requests. 

"Can I get a shirt with the Logo centered? I was thinking upper center, so it wouldn't have to be too small, but also sitting high up, over the sternum. 
I say over the sternum because I've seen some center logos that are literally center of the tee shirt, which is just below the sternum, and those look awful to me.
So, something large enough to see across the street, but not take up a person's entire shirt front up and down." - Paul

Comes with two arm holes and one head hole.

Printed on a Gildan T-Shirt
100% Preshrunk Cotton

T-SHIRTS ARE PRINTED AND SHIPPED SEPARATELY FROM SPARROWS LOCK PICK TOOLS. T-shirts are made to order and generally ship 3 days after the order has been placed.

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