Adams Rite ByPass Driver


SPARROWS Adams Rite ByPass Driver

The SPARROWS Adams Rite ByPass driver is designed to slide though the keyway of the most popular glass door "store" locks allowing you access to the inner working of the lock.  Once in place simply turn the driver and it will replace the action of the cylinder tailpiece by withdrawing the locks latch!  This trip with the driver will unlock the “deadlocking” feature on the 4700 series.  If the driver can continue to rotate, the latch will then fully open, and the door is unlocked.  If the door happens to be in a partial bind the driver will release the “deadlocking feature allowing you to use a SPARROWS Quick Shim or Slim Jim (not included) to slide behind the latch to push it back and open the door.  With the Sparrows Adams Rite ByPass Driver, you will not need to pick the lock or use tension wrenches, just a simple turn.  The SPARROWS Adams Rite ByPass Driver is made with all steel components that have been polished smooth featuring permanent thermoplastic handles.  As with all of the SPARROWS line - this is a professional grade tool.

INSTRUCTIONS: Adams Rite Bypass Driver Guide


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