Depending on your type of work or where you travel in the world being illegally detained is a real possibility. With the right mind set, training and tools you equip yourself with options. The more options you have in a dangerous situation the greater your potential to Escape and or Evade to safety. These tools are all designed to be easily incorporated into your clothing and can either be hidden or blended in with other clothing objects. An example is our handcuff coin key that can easily mix in with other pocket trash.
Mace PicksSparrows Mace Picks
Hall PassSparrows The Hall Pass
Chaos CardChaos Card
Original Mace Pick Expansion Set
Handcuff ShimsHandcuff Shims
Double Door Tool Round Bar and Crash Bar


Sparrows Ripcord Garage Door Hook
Covert Coin Handcuff KeyCovert Coin Handcuff Key
Sparrows Orion the Tuxedo ExpansionSparrows Orion the Tuxedo Expansion
Sparrows Standard Uncuff Link with LogoSparrows Standard Uncuff Link with Logo
Sparrows Lock Busters
Sparrow Mace Pick 3 Sets
Sparrows Flex Pass .012 Thick
Universal Covert Handcuff Key
Sparrows St. Chaos Handcuff KeySparrows St. Chaos Handcuff Key

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