Bump Keys Part 4


Bump Keys Part 4: The Return of Bump Keys

Okay - So the name/title is a bit of a play on Halloween 4: The Return of Mike Myers. It is a bit scary how effective bump keys are when properly used. Even with a goalie mask on and some gloves Mike could open a cabin door with these. Just so we are clear all SPARROWS lock picks and tools are designed for professionals to be used in a legal manner when and where necessary. They are not for breaking into cabins in the woods.

I this is your first bump key set, purchase the Original Bump Keys Set, then the Expansion, Part III and finally "Bump Keys Part 4: The Return of Bump Keys".

All SPARROWS Bump Keys are made with original cuts to the deepest settings to ensure a factory quality reproduction. With proper technique, a bump key will be able to open a high percentage of locks quickly and efficiently.

Bump Keys Part 4: Return of Bump Keys Set includes:

  • 1 x Weslock WK 2 Five pin
  • 1x Weslock WK2 Six Pin
  • 1 x Arrow AR4
  • 1 x Sargent 6 pin L1010N

Add a Bump Hammer for $10.00 or if you already have that, add some Bump Key Washers to your order.

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