Almost every SPARROWS lock pick set will have a balance of hook and rake picks. But some just want only rake picks or more of them, and who can blame them? Rakes are fantastic. Designed to be quickly pulled across all the pins in a fast motion rake, picks make the pins jump inside the lock allowing you to set many at a time. With a few rakes of a lock pick you can quickly get that fantastic lock opening pop.
Sparrows Worm Rake with Handle
From $6.00
Sparrows Triple Peak with Handle
From $6.00
Sparrows City Rake
From $6.00
Sparrows Warlock 0.025 Thick Steel with Wide Handle
Sparrows The Medusa .020 Thick
Snake Rake with Handle
From $6.00
Sparrows Twin Peak with Handle
From $6.00
The Octo Rake .025 Thick
Scarab Picks
Palmer Wicked Waves .025
From $23.00
DIY Rakes
DIY Wide Rake

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