The hook pick is the go to of all the shapes. The short hook being the desert island of lock picks, the GOAT, your go to, number one, don't leave home without it. Its ability to lift one pin at a time and set them into position is true single pin picking and in high sericy locks in some cases is the only technique that will get the lock open. As locks are different so are hook picks with a variety of different curves and stepnesses each one has a role to play in successfully lifting pins and picking locks open.
Sparrows Short Hook with Handle
From $6.00
Sparrows Steep Hook with Handle
From $6.00
The High Reach with Handle
From $6.00
Sparrows SSDeV Hooks 0.025 Thick
From $17.00
Sparrows Euro Hook with Handle
From $6.00
Sparrows The Monkey Paw
Monkey Paw Classic with Handle
From $6.00
DIY Hooks
DIY Wide Hook

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