A padlock bypass driver takes all the hard work out of picking open certain locks. These tools have a unique curved tip that allows them to travel down the keyway past all the pins into the core of the lock. Once deep inside the locks with proper positioning the tip of the driver will be able to turn the shackle release popping open the lock. It's rather astonishing when you see it for the first time.

When to use a Bypass Driver?

Bypass drivers are specific to a few locks and the clones of those locks. The American bypass driver is the most effective of the American 700 and 100 series of locks. The Abus bypass driver is specific to the Abus 72 series. These locks are very prolific and can be rather difficult to pick open so having a bypass driver makes the job so much easier. Due to the compact size of the tool, the ease of use and the high likelihood of coming across these locks in the field is the reason bypass drivers tend to be some of the most popular bypass tools purchased by working professionals and hobbyists.

Sparrows Abus Padlock ByPass Driver
Sparrows Adam Rite ByPass Driver Lock Pick
Sparrows Euro Drivers

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