Bump Key Set Part III


Bump Key Set Part III

Due to the ever increasing use of bump keys by professional locksmiths, LEO, FIRE, MILITARY, and hobbyists we have been asked to expand our line. Each set is based on overall popularity so if this is your first bump key set, purchase the Original Bump Keys Set, then the Expansion, Part III and finally "Bump Keys Part 4: The Return of Bump Keys".

All SPARROWS Bump Keys are made with original cuts to the deepest settings to ensure a factory quality reproduction. With proper technique, a bump key will be able to open a high percentage of locks quickly and efficiently.

Bump Key Set Part III includes:

  • 1 x Schlage SC4
  • 1 x Schlage SC8
  • 1 x Schlage SC9
  • 1 x Weiser WR4
  • 1 x Yale Y2

Add a Bump Hammer for $10.00 or if you already have that, add some Bump Key Washers to your order.


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