Tuxedo setTuxedo set
From $45.00
Mini Jim Breaching Tool
Mace PicksSparrows Mace Picks
Monstrum XXLMonstrum XXL
The VoraxSparrows The Vorax Set with Camo Case
Chaos CardChaos Card
Original Mace Pick Expansion Set
THE EOD -  FullTHE EOD -  Full
Handcuff ShimsHandcuff Shims
Double Door Tool Round Bar and Crash Bar


Sparrows Molle Jim Stainless Steel
Sparrows Ripcord Garage Door Hook
Dark ShiftThe Dark Shift Lock Pick and Case Set
Creeper SetCreeper Set
Covert Coin Handcuff KeyCovert Coin Handcuff Key
Dark Shift Expansion Set .025 Thick


SPARROWS Military lock pick sets and bypass tools have been developed with active and retired members of the Military community. All of these tools have extensive field testing and proven reliability. With a wide variety of carry options and specific tools SPARROWS has your covert entry needs covered.

Military Set Features

These sets have unique features like the creeper for low light work or the ranger and sentry that have special cases to allow them to be integrated with molle-equipped gear. Our Dark Shift military lock pick set has a special skeletonized handle to allow you to grip and manipulate the picks even with gloved hands. For some Military members it is also good practice to incorporate escape and evasion tools into your gear. Our covert size mace picks and handcuff keys are designed to be hidden within your clothing to be deployed when required. Whatever your goal are be it operational or a down time distraction these are all professional military lock pick kits that have been serving the needs of the military community for years

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