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THE EOD lock pick set from Sparrows Lock Picks is crafted to meet the specific needs of EOD professionals. This compact and versatile set includes a range of raking tools for the fastest method of picking a lock, alongside a short hook and half diamond pick for additional versatility.

You'll find tools for padlocks and cylinder locks, as well as a Mini Door Jim to assist in opening live door latches. For accessing locked luggage and briefcases, the set includes a Mini Knife and wafer picks for filing cabinets and other wafer locks. Arm yourself with the ultimate lock picking set for EOD operations.

EOD (Explosives Ordnance Disposal) - Full Set 

The SPARROWS EOD lock pick set is designed to cover the specific entry and tool requirements of EOD professionals.

With the assistance of the EOD community, including the highly respected EOD MILITARY Members of the Air National Guard out of Oregon, we were able to design a set that is compact and fits their daily requirements. EOD team duties include the sweeping of an area before an event or dignitary arrives. The search will require access to all doors, cabinets, luggage and anything else that is locked shut.

When working EOD teams have full access to the area and everything inside. There are no off limit areas. If an EOD team wants a door opened they can simply request the key. Unfortunately, tracking down a key cannot always be done in a timely manner. This set is designed to be a fast operational set.

The selection of picks is heavy on raking tools - this is the fastest method of picking a lock. We also include a short hook and half diamond to round out the set. If the lock cannot be quickly raked or picked it is better to request a key and move to another part of the sweep. 

This set includes picking tools for pad locks and cylinder locks, and a Mini Door Jim to assist in quickly opening live door latches. For opening luggage and briefcase locks, we have added a Mini Knife (not available separately) and finally a set of Wafer Picks for filing cabinets and other wafer locks.

The case is available in black or coyote.

EOD - Full Set includes:

All lock picks are manufactured by SPARROWS out of American Made 301 Cold Max Steel with average tension strength of 280,000 PSI.

Special thanks to all of those involved in the development and testing of this set.


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