Tie Breaker Pin


The Tie Breaker

How embarrassing…… a zip tie.

The “Tie Breaker” developed by Dominic Villeneuve is a simple way to prevent a zip tie bypass attack on Schlage electronic pin access locks manufactured prior to February 2021. Installation is easy and no tools are required.

Each kit contains two Tie Breakers. Only one Tie Breaker needs to be installed to restore the locks security and prevent any zip tie attacks.

Odds are you already know about the vulnerability in Allegions electronic pin access locks.

Sold under the Schlage brand “the strongest and most technologically advanced security products for home” these locks have a major vulnerability. In 2020 Dominic Villeneuve found a way to access the inner working of these pin access locks with a modified Zip tie. Almost any outdoor lock will have a drain hole (so rain water can escape) and almost every lock picker has jammed a paper clip into that hole to see if something would happen. Well this time …. Something did. The key to making the bypass work is using a nylon zip tie that has the flexibility and strength needed to access the controller area without damaging it. When in the proper position the tip of the Zip Tie touches the arm of the locking gate opening the lock. It is a simple, elegant non-destructive bypass and is virtually untraceable

Fortunately Dominic not only found the flaw he also developed a “patch” for it. There is no need to replace your lock you simply need to block the drain plug access point. Dominic developed a clip that requires no tools for instillation and be installed in seconds. It prevents any Zip tie bypass attacks while still allowing rain water to drain effectively.

No one other than Allegion will know how many locks are vulnerable to this Zip Tie bypass but it is in the millions. In February 2021 Allegion did update their electronic pin access locks to prevent a drain hole attack. Any electronic pin access control locks sold prior to February 2021 under Schlage C0 Series are vulnerable to being opened with a Zip Tie.

To test if your lock is vulnerable, look at the drain hole at the bottom of the lock.

If a 3mm wide object can fit into the drain hole it can be compromised with a zip tie.

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