The Revolver



This oversized cylinder is built to lock up with a new row of top security pins on every 1/4 turn.
Pinning configuration starts with Standard pins at 12 o'clock (Marked with a small arrow) and then moves clockwise to Spool, Serrated and finally Mushroom pins. The end result is a lock that gets progressively harder to pick open.
The security pin positions a pinned from the keyway Standard, Security, Standard, Security, Standard.

But maybe hard is not your thing ...why suffer...we get is hard already. Perhaps some guy on the internet said lock picking was a fun, easy hobby. Well you're in luck as each pin is held in place with a hex nut. Included with THE REVOLVER are all the parts you need to remove some pins and make this an easier lock to pick open.

We also have included security pins and drilled THE REVOLVER to accept 6 pins for those of you who like to be humbled.
And by humbled we mean to say, "GET READY TO CRY IN FRONT OF THE MIRROR!"

THE REVOLVER will accept pins from our Reload set, The Check pins, and Master Key set.

This lock isa great addition to any of our lock pick sets to help you train.

It is not compatible with the core kit

The security pin positions are pinned from the keyway Standard, Security, Standard, Security, Standard.
The 6th pin position is empty for both Top and bottom picks.


THE REVOLVER lock and a tin with some shiny stuff.

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