The Long Shot

Hinge Side:
You need the correct conditions for the long shot to work.

The Long shot is designed to access the internals of a swing bolt mortice lock that is often seen on commercial front doors.

For this to work there has to be a gap between the door frame and the door on the locking side. The Lock shot is pressed against the face of the locked bolt of a 20-degree angle so it can flex on the deadbolt and slide up into the internals of the lock. Now it is time to fish. If the seam of the door is 12 O’clock you are fishing on either side on 1 O’clock. As you snag the tip pull slowly down. If you caught the correct bar while fishing the latch with open.

The long shot come available in two pre-bent options for doors either Hinged on the RIGHT or LEFT side.
Most common use of this tool will be for RIGHT side hinged doors.

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