The Grad 2.0


Sparrows Grad 2.0

With this final set you will have a full professional tool kit; the same as the Wizwazzle Set but without the thermoplastic handles. These three picks focus on max security locks by their unique shapes and fine tips. The set includes some special picks that will take some time to learn, the high reach hook for lifting individual pins,

the worm rake which is a two sided offset rake. With lots of practice you will be able to pick high security locks if you put in the time.

One of the most important tools on a locksmiths work bench is a good pair of tweezers. The Little Devil Tweezers included in this set a Non Magnetic with specially curved tips to help with holding those devilishly small parts as you reassemble a lock.

The Grad Set includes:

Technical Descriptions

The "Worm-Rake" is Designed to emulate as many key bitting as possible when used. This size worm rake is designed for attacking Master, Abus and Schlage Locks.

The "Steep Hook" is very similar in effect to the high reach tool, but is intended for very restrictive and tight, high security locks. With its downsized, slender profile, it is also very useful in taller Euro style keyways.

The "High reach" is designed to access and set very high (or Short) cut pins, that lie directly behind a very "low"(or long) cut pin. The dimple cut at the tip adds extra pin control, especially helpful when attacking the pin from the side.

All lock picks are manufactured by SPARROWS out of American Made 301 Cold Max steel with average tension strength of 280,000 PSI.

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