Sparrows Pinning Mat 2.0



The Sparrows pinning mat is a professional work mat designed by locksmiths and lock pick enthusiasts. With multiple work areas several locks can be worked on at the same time. Featuring five separate pinning zones each zone is set up for working on seven pin locks and lower. Each zone also has multiple pods including elongated spring compartments. Pods are oval shaped making it easier to grab pins with tweezers. The main work area has several walls and ridges to contain any roll away parts or spills. The back of the pinning mat is designed to grip to the surface of most work areas to prevent any sliding.

- These mats are from our Fifth run and are perfect

Each Mat Features:
1 x Main 7 x 5 Pinning zone
4 x Offset 7 x 4 Pinning zone
5 x large cylinder or large parts areas

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