Schlage SC19 and SC20 Bump key set


This Schlage "All Selection" Bump key set consists of an SC19 and SC20 Bump key

What makes the SC19 and SC20 bump keys unique is that they are compatible with a very wide range of different S keys ways. These are often referred to as All Selection keys because of the large number of different keyways that they cover. It is like having a Skeleton key for Schlage Keyways.

The SC19, 1145L is for 5 pin Schlage keyways and SC20, A1145L is for 6 pins Schlage keyways.

These Bump keys are compatible with the following Schlage keyways C, CE, E, EF, F, FG, G, H, J, K.

It hard to get more coverage than that from two bump keys 


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