Black Flag Picks



Developed with guidance from the Lock Picking Lawyer back in 2018 these dimple pick tools are the best dimple picks available.  If you are looking to do some advanced lock picking... This is the way.  These dimple picks are designed to roll perfectly between your thumb and index finger as you work the flag tip into position.  The geometric grip allows for landmarking references so you know exactly what angle the tip is on.   The patterned handle also allows you to reference and see amount of rotation as you work the pick.  The tail end has a red keyhole logo that lines up with the tip so you can never lose your reference as to where you are in the lock. 

All of these feature are extremely helpful when dimple picking as it can be easy to loose the position of the flag tip as you rotate and move from one position to the next.  The handle is a dense rubber that's molded over a full tang steel core.  The pick end is a round bar that has been formed with a flag end. 

Each dimple pick set comes with a collection of seven dimple picks and eight Z-bar style wrenches.

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