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Hotel Room:


But we have added a wait list option. We expect some may have to cancel so we have allocated a few spaces on a wait list. The $2 cost is to be on the wait list and it will be refunded if a space does not become available 

CALL FOR PAPERS - Do you have a talk or skill that would fit the theme of ROCK'A LOCK'A BANG! BANG! Then send us an email letting us know what skill you can teach or talk you can give. That just might be your way into prison!

Also make sure to subscribe to our socials @sparrowslockpicks as one subscriber will win an all inclusive trip to ROCK'A LOCK'A BANG! BANG! - Prison Edition

As always we appreciate the support - SPARROWS

Join the SPARROWS crew for a three day prison sentence this SEPTEMBER 5-8, 2024

Get ready to be apart of a the most immersive hands on training session ever held.


Over the course of several days you will get to choose from several different training tracks that will cover lock picking, lock bypass, SERE, covert entry, prison escape, lock impressioning, Breaching, restraints, RFID, Vehicle work, night vision, hostage rescue, optional prison tattoos and Fireball Enduro racing. 

All of these skills will then be put to use on the final day as participants are placed into Tiger teams and assigned multiple tasks in seemingly real world environments. 

All courses are taught by experts within their field. Including former RECON, Navy, and those who have won international lock picking competitions.

The Prison..... Yes its a real prison that was in active use until 2002. It has a processing area, Maximum security, General population, Yard, warden's office, Medical, Solitary and even a court house. It will be a wild immersive long weekend.

More details

Sleeping - Your staying in a Ramada hotel but don't plan to sleep very much. You have two options you can bunk with someone or for an additional $130 you can have a private room. 

Eating - We have you covered. The hotel comes with a breakfast and we will be hosting BBQ lunch and similar for dinners. If you have some dietary things we can work it out.

Drinks - Yes. We have been Sponsored by SKULL HAWK Whiskey and we will also have the local craft beer. The prison also has water.

Hot Tub - No ..... 

Where - Cornwall Ontario CANADA ..... The Prison does not go to you ... you go to prison! So either you drive to Cornwall or you fly to the international Airport of Montreal.

Drive - Cornwall is just off a major highway and also has a US - CANADA border crossing within the city only 5 minutes from the event.

FLY - We will run shuttles from Montreal Airport (Code YUL) to Cornwall. You can easily fly direct to Montreal from Dallas, Chicago, NY, Las Vegas, Orlando, Los Angeles, Toronto, Paris, London, Amsterdam.. From there we pick you up in a shuttle and drive 1 hour to the event.

WHEN - First night is Thursday September 5th: A Lockaholics meet and greet with dinner. So plan to get to Cornwall around 6:00pm September 5th. If you're flying in look for flights landing 4:00pm and we will arrange shuttles. Closing ceremonies will be around 1pm on Sunday September 8th. Any questions on this send us an email If you can only get a flight in really early or late let us know ... someone will fetch you. 


Q - What's included?

A - Hotel, Food, drinks (including alcohol at times), training, tattoos, good times, Montreal Airport shuttle (YUL) and a 3 day prison sentence. 

Q- I have no lock picking or military experience ... can I come?

A- Most definitely as long as you are 19 or older your welcome

Q - Can I sleep in the prison?

A- No, at night we have to set it for the next days training. The shower facilities are also a little awkward. 

Q- I am a full on lockaholic ..what will you have to test my skills on?

A- We are merging two of the largest personal lock collections that we know of to create one massive pile of brass. We will certainly have several locks you have never seen.

Q - Will the prison tattoos rub off or fade with hot water?

A- No

Q- Can I come by myself without knowing anyone?

A - Yes, A large number of people will travel solo to this event and we plan to quickly organize everyone into one large prison gang. Come alone and make new friends in prison that's how this works. 

Q - Will there be a waiver to sign?

A - Good idea.... Yes their will be a waiver, probably a long one.

Q- Is your SERE training ........intense?

A- Yes,  the SERE portion will be provided in three sections. Each more immersive and intense than the last. You will require instructor approval to move forward to new sections.

Q- What is Breaching?

A - Its the delicate art of opening doors with heavy objects like battering rams.

Q- Will we be able to smash in doors?

A- Yup a proper breach training door will be set up.

Q - What if I do not want to participate in a certain events like Fireball enduro?

A - Everything is voluntary and we plan to have multiple events occurring at the same time so you can choose what appeals to you the most. But just to make sure you feel comfortably, let's set up your safety word:  Apples

Q - I already know who I want to share a room with can that be set up?

A - Yes, we plan to reach out to everyone individually to set up accommodation and to match personalities. We will also set up a Rock'A Lock'A Bang! Bang! Discord.

Q - This sounds fun and intimidating at the same time. I once saw a documentary on prison life and the episode "A bitches life" makes me hesitate a bit.

A - Roack'A Lock'A Bang! Bang! will be the highlight of your year. Friends, locks, adventures and a prison .... so perk up you little bitch this is going to be fun. 

Q- What is Fireball Enduro?

A - Its smash up derby on a dirt oval at racing speeds. 

Q - How do I enter the Fireball Enduro

A - That's easy ... driving is harder but we can advise you. For an additional $6000 SPARROWS will build you a competitive fireball enduro car, get you to the track, through the drivers meeting and cheer you on as you smash your way up the leader board..... if you do not have a helmet or fire suit we will need to work that out and it might cost a bit more. 

Q - Do I get to keep the car after?

A - Carnage ..... You'll be lucky to leave with both shoes.

Q- What happens if I need to cancel?

A - Life can change pretty quickly. Until June 25th it is fully refundable, after July 15th 75% refundable after August 15th 25% refundable. September 1st the gavel drops and you are SENTENCED to  Prison September 5th- 8th so no backing out!



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