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Product Index
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triple-.015   .015 - Triple Peak
Abus Driver   Abus ByPass Driver
Pass rite   Adams Rite Bypass driver
BH   Bump Hammer
A-HMR001   Bump Hammer - Add on
BK2   Bump Key Expansion
Bump 3   Bump Key set Part III
Bump 4   Bump Keys Part 4: The Return of Bump Keys
C-Card   Chaos Card
3   City Rake
Clear   Clear Acrylic Lock
CK-13   Coffin Keys
comb   COMB .45
Comb-Bar   Comb BAR
Cshims   Core shims
Crrep   Creeper Set
Cut away serrated   Cut away lock serrated pins
cut away spool   Cut away lock Spool pins
eod-L-   EOD LIGHT
ShankLB   EOD lightning Bomb
7   Euro Hook
.015-euro   Euro Hook 0.015
S-1   Expansion Set
FT5   Flat Tension bar set
S-5   Gotham
2   Half Diamond
HP   Hall Pass
H-Shim   Handcuff Shim
HideGrey   Hidden Patch
HideRed   Hidden Patch Red
6   High Reach
S-7   Hooker
S-0   Kick Start
K-Q   King and Queen Picks
T1   King Pin Tweezers
Leather-Tux   Leather Tuxedo
Tux-Case-Leather   Leather Tuxedo CAse
Mace   Mace Picks
M1   Master Switch
MJ   Mini Jim
N-Mixed   Mixed Needles
CaseMon   Monstrum Case
Monstrum 4   Monstrum for Beginners
M XXL   Monstrum XXL
night school tux   Night School tuxedo + edition
11   Offset Hybrid
SP-33   Padlock Shims
3d-patch-A   Patch - Arch
3d-patch-grey   Patch - Grey
3d-red-small   patch full metal 3d red
Plug   Plug Followers
Pockcoyote   Pocket Patch coyote
L1   Progressive Locks
L3   Progressive Serrated
l2   Progressive Spool pin Locks
SShimrite   Quick shims with Adams Rite Driver
S-6   Raker's
RK   Rook & Knight Picks
sf-sentry blk   SF Edition Sentry
sf sentry coyote   SF Edition Sentry - coyote
Sf sentry case Black   SF Edition Sentry case Black
sf - coyote case   SF Edition Sentry case Coyote
c-2   Sherman Case
4   Short Hook
.15-short   Short Hook 0.015
SD-Set   Single Double Ball Set
1   Snake rake
BK1   Sparrows Bump Keys
crowbar   Sparrows CROWBAR
Double-Tap   Sparrows Double Tap Snap Gun
Logo-3d-Red   Sparrows large 3D patch
SB   Sparrows Lock Busters
case mini   Sparrows mini hard Case
Sparrows Morale   SPARROWS Morale Patch -G
Morale C   Sparrows Morale patch Coyote
Night School   Sparrows Night School
link noir   Sparrows No Logo Noir Uncuff Link
Uncuff - B   Sparrows No Logo Silver Uncuff Link
S-American   SPARROWS Padlock ByPass Driver
Sparrows Mat   Sparrows Pinning Mat 2.0
Jim   Sparrows Quick Jim
QS   Sparrows Quick Shims
Sentry ACU   Sparrows Sentry
S-Shank   Sparrows SHANK
link   Sparrows UNCUFF LINK
ww2   Sparrows Wafer & Warded pick Set
Ward   Sparrows Warded Pick Set
Widget   Sparrows Widget Picks
stC   St. Chaos
N-10   Standard Needles
Cut Away Standard   Standard pin Cut away Lock
5   Steep Hook
.015-steep   Steep Hook 0.015
Bump Full   Super Bump Key Set
S-10   Tension Set
Test   TestProduct
S-con   The Controller
Dpatch   The Dark Shift patch
EOD   THE EOD - Full
S-2   The Grad 2.0
Mag   The Magneto
Man   The Mantis
Sand   The Sandman
Monstrum   The Sparrows Monstrum
S- Spirit   The Spirit Set
SSDEV   The SSDeV Hooks
Under-Door   The Stretcher Under Door Tool
Tux1   The Tuxedo Set
Vorax   The Vorax
Ti   Ti Pass
9   Triple Peak
Tux   Tuxedo Case
8   Twin Peak
.015-twin   Twin Peak 0.015
S-Ultra Decoder   ULTRA Decoder
Cuff Key   Universal Handcuff Key
Vcase   VORAX Case
wafer   Wafer Picks By Sparrows
S-9   Wizwazzle Set.
10   Worm Rake

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