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SPARROWS Morale Patch
Sparrows Morale patch Coyote
Our Price: $3.00

Coyote Morale
Sparrows Morale Patch
SPARROWS Morale Patch -G
Our Price: $3.00

Sparrows Morale Patch
Sparrows Universal Covert Handcuff Key
Universal Handcuff Key
Our Price: $5.00

Plastic nylon
Handcuff Shim
Our Price: $5.95

Need some help with those Cuffs?
Mini Jim
Our Price: $8.50

A small breaching tool designed to fit in the Sherman or tuxedo case - Excellent for door Latches
Mace Picks
Our Price: $14.95

Two picks - with tension built in
Our Price: $14.95

Fast light and Highly Effective
Sparrows Lock Buster Key Set
Sparrows Lock Busters
Our Price: $19.95

Quickly disable popular North American Keyways
Sparrows CROWBAR
Our Price: $19.95

Three Mini Crowbars
Coffin Keys
Our Price: $35.00

The Sparrows Coffin Keys set consists of 13 rocker picks of various sizes. Coffin keys work in a wide variety of wafer and pin tumbler locks. The picking action is simply insert the pick into the keyway while rocking the key up and down at times apply torque to the key by turning it gently. Slide the key in and out while also trying a different size and patterned Keys. Coffin keys are a mix between picking and using a skeleton key.
Sparrows Wafer & Warded pick Set
Our Price: $39.50

Warded and wafer picks with a mini hard case
Our Price: $45.00

EOD Light for those who want just picks
Sparrows Sentry Lock Pick Set
Sparrows Sentry
Our Price: $49.00

Military Lock Picks - Coyote Case
Sparrows Sentry Lock Pick Set
Sparrows Sentry
Our Price: $49.00

Military Lock Picks ACU case
Our Price: $49.00

Small covert Arrow heads
SF Edition Sentry
Our Price: $53.00

SF Sanitized Edition of the Sentry
SF Edition Sentry - coyote
Our Price: $53.00

SF Sanitized Edition of the sentry
THE EOD - Full
Our Price: $69.00

With the assistance of the EOD community we were able to this Speed picking set